welcome to Codar’s blog

Wow so now mesef don dey blog #issokai, should I blog in english, yoruba or broken-english?, yea’ am multi “lingua” I speak three different languages, u suppose don saabi dem na or do I have to re-expansiate?

Please don’t get confused, am human and I’m real as the “realest” can be, so am not going to bore you with who I am but seriously WHO Am I, that’s a question I can’t answer, am still trying to understand me, cos different people be living inside me “Alter Ego” tins noni, buh I no get Linda wey go make me pose nude “ewwww”

Well that’s not why we are here, I”ll try my best to keep you guys entertained (yea ryt am D’banj) and DON’T try to ‘SPOT’ or ‘DETECT’ my GBAGAUN if you see one kindly read again, na u no understand.

Hope you guys have fun sha as I share my views, thoughts and thinking with you, ee joor o emaa gbagbe lati drop comment yin,

Esheun pupo
Thanks a lot
I thank una


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