To My Unborn Child

Dear Son/Daughter

I know you are going to grow up and become who you are meant to be and that’s someone ‘definitely’ better than me

Though you are still in the womb and 7months old, I keep trying to picture what you will look like when you are all grown, tall an dark skinned like mine or light skinned like your mother, no matter your skin color all I know is am definately going to love you with all my heart, respect and adore you.

Am writing down my thoughts and begging God to help me conquer the situation am in so that I’ll always be there for you (love, care, provision and attention) as you grow up each day till you become a man or woman of your own.

In 2months time am going to become a father, (hmm, a FATHER asin DADDY) wow, I never thought this day would come so soon, am still surprised and confused as this is a road I have never been before, but one thing am sure of is we (You and I) are going to overcome all obstacles.

We are both new at this (I guess that sounds interesting) lot of adventures, fun, fears, ups and downs that we have to go through, but with God by our side who are we to fear?

I keep praying to God to take care of ur mother, throughout her delivery may she have a peaceful one without complications and may she live long to see you prosper.

I can’t explain the way I am feeling right now, but all I know is am going to be filled with joy on the day you finaly come to this world “MY FIRST SEED”
I hope your first word is going to be DADA cos we are going to be very close ‘5 and 6’ like footballers.

Dear Son/Daughter, I have a confession and I hope you are going to forgive me. The very first time I heard the news that you were coming to this world I felt confused, different thoughts crept into my mind, I felt I wasn’t ready for this right now, maybe I should abort you, but God gave me the strength and encouragement from your uncle and friends gave me the courage to embark on this journey.

As days turned into months the bond became stronger, and now I thank God that you are still alive and kicking in ur mother’s womb, please be gentle with her as this is her first time. I just can’t wait to hold you in my arms, “my baby” .

Someday you are going to leave and become a man or woman of your own, but the little years we are going to spend together is going to be SPECIAL I promise.

As you pave the way for your younger ones I want you to relax feel free and be confident, the family you are coming into is highly anticipating your arrival.

May God be with you, guide and protect you.
You shall be the head and not the tail
Everything you lay your hands upon shall prosper
It is well with you

Can’t wait to see you

I love you

Your Father


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