in brevity

So now mesef don dey blog, #issokai, should I blog in English, Yoruba or Broken-English? Yea’ am Multi-lingua or do I need to


– expansiate?

Well am Real as the “Realest” can be and I will try my best to keep you guys


(yea ryt am D’banj) and on a serious note am going to bore you guys trying to explain who I am, BUT wait….. Chill….. WHO AM I, yea right I just asked the most difficult question in life, and wetin make me confuse’ b sey I get different people living in me (Alter-Ego tins noni ) but none of them get the name



‘Ni shokee’ DONT try to ‘SPOT’ or DETECT my GBAGAUN, cos I don’t, maybe na you no understand what am trying to say, but if you do (*in vector’s voice* You don’t want to see d Hulk LOKI) just keep it to yourself, am presently taking ‘anger management’ courses so please am a changed person DON’T maa je kin pAada seyin, please.

Esheun pupo
Thanks a lot
I thank una


*in W4’s Voice* On to d next blog.


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